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Last modified: Sat 8/10/2013 1330 CDT

Classical Yiklamu is an artificially constructed language. Its purpose is to enable interested users to explore the possibilities of highly disambiguated verbal communication. The unusual degree of disambiguation provided by the language derives from its lexicon, which was created by associating stem forms to the over 90,000 thesaurus entries of WordNet. The morphosyntax prescribed for the language is minimal, and is intended to evolve with use -- hence the term Classical Yiklamu to refer to the current stage in its development.

Resources on this site include an exhaustive reference grammar and a couple of glossed texts that were translated from English: The North Wind and the Sun and The Ants and the Grasshopper.

For those so inclined, an online version of the entire Classical Yiklamu dictionary (complete with the original WordNet glosses and definitions) is currently under construction.

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